Make a Donation to Memorialize Our Time at Proclaimers Place Oxford

Specific Design To Be Determined

Since 2005 Joel has led 300 pastors to spend an unforgettable week at Proclaimers Place Oxford at Regent’s Park College. We shared something that we will remember for a lifetime.

You remember the room. It is a basic, simple space used for a chapel. After 60 years Regent’s Park plans to transform the room into a renewed chapel space with all that belongs to that at Oxford University, including stained glass windows.

Joel has committed to one of the windows. That window will be The Proclaimers Place Window. It will feature the Proclaimers Place logo mark and will be a representation of those who have sat with me in that hallowed place.

I am requesting each of those who have attended Proclaimers Place Oxford to help memorialize for centuries ahead our time together there. Stained glass is almost forever. What a thing to know that in another century our precious moments there will be recalled.

Please help me right now by making your contribution, 100% of which will go for the creation of the The Proclaimers Place Window.