Proclaimers Place Switzerland

July 2–7, 2018

Join Joel in exploring the history and preaching possibilities in Geneva, Zurich and beyond.

500.00 Tuition with 50% Scholarship

Proclaimers Place Switzerland 2018

John Calvin (by Holbein)
Ulrich Zwingli

In the midst of the stunning natural beauty of the Alps and their shimmering lakes and snowcapped peaks you will study the sites of the Swiss Reformation.

In Geneva you will encounter first hand the life and work of John Calvin. You will see both the reformation center and the very church where he preached.

In Zurich you will visit the church of Ulrich Zwingli, the reformer most like most of our churches today. In this place he preached through books of the Bible, instituted the Lord’s Supper as a symbol rather than a sacrament and changed the course of history.

Throughout you will visit sites related to the Anabaptists, spiritual ancestors for many of us. They insisted on individual conversion and baptism by immersion.

We will end the trip with a visit to Interlaken, high in the Alps, one of the beautiful sites on the planet.

All of this and the noted Proclaimers Place Seminar. This is the one and only time the seminar will visit these Swiss Reformation sites in the midst of breathtaking beauty.


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Tuition for Proclaimers Place Switzerland $500

You must register for the Switzerland Proclaimers Place first by paying the $500 tuition (the $500 Baugh scholarship covering additional 50% of tuition will be automatically activated immediately upon your $500 tuition payment). Scholarships are limited this year and are first come first served.

Ground Package

In addition to tuition, a ground package (coach, hotel, meals, entrances, and guide required through Dehoney Travel) as well as airfare from your gateway will be necessary. Details available soon.

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