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Product Description

The Platinum Membership of the Joel Gregory Association is limited. The Platinum Membership includes all of the benefits of the Silver and Gold Memberships plus the following additional benefits.

This limited membership provides a level of interaction with Joel on a professional, individual and regular basis:
A personal visit at your place or Joel’s for individual homiletic planning and coaching. This includes working together on your preaching program, planning, sourcing exegetical and illustrative materials as well as personalized coaching and mentoring.

Your attendance at an annual gathering of the Platinum Members for group interaction led by Joel and another national leader in preaching regarding emerging issues, sources, personalities and trends.
On-going coaching and consulting by phone and email during the membership year.
Other personalized homiletic and ministerial assistance as agreed.
The Platinum Membership is limited to the first few enrollees to maximize Joel’s time commitment to that group.

Please call Joel at 888-774-2946 for details about the Platinum Membership.


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