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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Proclaimers Place

Now in its tenth year, the Proclaimers Place® seminar is recognized nationally as a venue for certification in biblical preaching and continuing education for pastors and proclaimers.  Led by Joel C. Gregory, Professor of Preaching at George W. Truett Theological Seminary, the small group seminar considers one text per day.  In the morning Joel leads the group in a close reading of the text from exegetical resources and in the afternoon the seminar considers ways of shaping the text into a biblical sermon.  In addition, recorded sermons of noted preachers and live Skype interviews may also enrich the experience.

Across the days of the seminar the full range of contemporary homiletic issues find expression in question and answer through informal discussion with Joel.

The seminar has been conducted in 15 states, for nine years at Oxford University and recently in Paris and Rome in the summer sessions.  The seminar is usually hosted by a pastor or denominational leader who convenes interested proclaimers.

The tuition for the seminar is $1000 for four days.  Thanks to the generosity of the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation, there is now available a 50% scholarship for the seminars.  You may register here for your choice of the future available seminars.


How do I apply for a scholarship?

You will be sent a scholarship form after your payment.  Return that form to scholarship@gregoryministries and you will receive a Baugh scholarship for the seminar in the amount of 50%.   Tuition is non-refundable but may be transferred to another Proclaimers Place Seminar® nationally or internationally with notification.

What are participants saying about Proclaimers Place?

"Proclaimers Place emphasizes the development of the Biblical sermon.  Joel takes the student on an inductive journey through method, exegesis and delivery.  Gregory is at his best teaching what he loves the most - preaching."

Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West, Sr., Brookhollow - The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX

"The teaching ministry of Dr. Joel Gregory has equipped, educated and encouraged me and my staff in a most powerful and practical way.  His careful research and diligent study will prove to be beneficial to anyone who is serious about learning to be a more effective biblical communicator."

Rev. Dr. John K. Jenkins, Sr., First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Landover, MD 

"This experience has been worth every dollar for the depth and the devotion of dealing with the text.  It has been a life changing and ministry channeling experience.  Thank God for Dr. Joel Gregory.  My practice, preaching and pastoring will never be the same."

  Rev. Dr. Keith W. Reed, Sr., Sharon Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank God this has been a life-changing experience, both spiritually and physically, a time of revival and renewal."

Rev. Dr. J.C. Wade, Jr.,  Zion Missionary Baptist Church, East Chicago, IN

"My entire methodology for preaching and preparing has been altered for the better by your experience...I am a better servant of God due to this workshop." 

  Rev. Dr. Bryan L. Carter,  Concord Church, Dallas, TX 

“If the gospel and its proclamation are vital to your ministry and your spiritual life, the next stop on your homiletic pilgrimage should be Proclaimers Place!  The insights and intellect of Dr. Joel Gregory will inspire and enrich your life for years to come.” 

Rev. Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr., Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. 

“Proclaimers Place is one of the most invigorating and inspiring experiences of my journey to become a better preacher.  Dr. Joel Gregory is to be commended for what he brings to the Body of Christ.”            

                                                                    Rev. Dr. Maurice Watson, Beulahland Bible Church, Macon, GA 

“This experience at Proclaimers Place has been most insightful and spiritually refreshing for the awesome responsibility of proclaiming the WORD of God.”

Rev. Dr. Walter Malone, Jr., Canaan Christian Church, Louisville, KY  

“This week has been tremendously refreshing and enlightening as well as particularly inspiring.  I hope to be with you next year also."

Rev. Dr. A. B. Sutton, Jr., Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

“Proclaimers Place was truly an inspiration.  It was good to have what we know refreshed; and to be inspired and encouraged.” 

Rev. Dr. Miles Crawford, Zion Community Baptist Church, Springfield, MA 

“Proclaimers Place is an affirming, uplifting and informative experience that is worth the time and expense of participation.  I highly recommend it.”

Rev. Dr. Larry W. Ellis, Pilgrim Baptist Church, San Mateo, CA

oxford-2006-1 "First, thank you for this ‘once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity.  Without your personal invitation, I would not have been able to afford to come.  This experience has been an ‘on time' opportunity, that came right after celebrating two years of planting a church.  Your godly wisdom, exegetic prowess, and homiletical honesty have encouraged me to become a better preacher and a holier person.  Above all else, your genuine and heartfelt spirit has strengthened my walk with Christ.  The information was inexhaustible and will serve as fodder for future study.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

  Rev. Dr. A. Louis Patterson III, The Love Church, Dallas, TX

"I was blessed and fortunate to spend quality time with Dr. Gregory and I have been reinvigorated for the preaching moment." 

Rev. Dr. Robert C. Scott, Central Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO 

“This seminar exceeded my expectation.  This was my first trip to Oxford and God blessed every single day by opening up my understanding of what it means to be a responsible herald of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Dr. Gregory for your incredible scholarship, insight and wisdom.”               

 Rev. Dr. Meylon Tillman Clark, House of Hope Church, Columbus, GA 

“Dr. Gregory and his approach to preaching and teaching God’s word has literally inspired me to become a better pulpiteer.” 

Rev. Dr. Dante Wright I, Sweet Home Baptist Church of Round Rock, Round Rock, TX 

“The expositor, Joel Gregory, lends his time and talent to participants of Proclaimers Place so that we learn about the Gospel we love to preach.”

Rev. Dr. Joseph Evans, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. 

“Having attended my fourth session, I have the unique advantage of quantifying the results of lessons learned and lessons applied.  My hope and prayer is that the resulting zeal, freshness and confidence I feel in processing and principlizing the biblical text is communicated to the awaiting congregations.”

Rev. Dr. Harvey Clemmons, Jr., Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Houston, TX 

“This experience has helped transform my ability to preach in an age where communicating the gospel is paramount.  The challenge of due diligence has challenged me in being more diligent to the word of God.” 

Rev. Dr. Ricky D. Turner, Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS 

“The awesome responsibility of preaching demands clear reflection, renewed spirit and commitment.  I found this seminar to be that kind of place.  Thank you, Dr. Gregory for your scholarship and passion for preachers and preaching.  The Oxford experience is one I will never forget.”

Rev. Dr. David K. Brawley, St. Paul Community Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY 

“2008 Oxford Proclaimers Place, among some of America’s most creative homiletical minds, has taught me that you can never know too much about the word of God.” 

                                                                                Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West II, The Church Without Walls, Houston, TX


“Proclaimers Place and Dr. Joel Gregory, while at Oxford University, is like experiencing Jesus.  You will never be the same for the rest of your life.  I would encourage not only season pastors to attend, but especially young pastors.  Don’t want to go to heaven without stopping by Oxford with Dr. Gregory.”

Rev. Dr. A.L. Perkins, Tabernacle of Faith Church, San Francisco, CA 

“The Proclaimers Place experience has been an infusion of powerful information and needed energy in how I preach and teach others to do so.  Its experience is infectious.  Its value is priceless.  Its impact is timeless.” 

Rev. Dr. France B. Brown, Jr., Director of Expository Preaching, College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX

“It has been said that the value of a life is not in duration but donation. What you have given to me through Proclaimers Place has added to my person, preaching and pastoral heart.  Moreover, my quiver has been filled with arrows to shoot into the future for Kingdom impact.  I highly recommend this seminar to others. God’s blessings!”                                                                                

Rev. Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr., Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Fairfield, CA 

“Proclaimers Place has stirred my passion and reaffirmed to me the priority of proper preparation before proclamation (Acts 6:4).  ‘The preacher must hear something and see something from the Lord in order to say something for the Lord to His people.’ I have been tremendously blessed with far reaching possibilities.”

Rev. Dr. LeRoy Hill, Jr., Ebenezer Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA

“This particular week at Oxford has reinforced within me the desire to be proficient in my proclamation.  The university ambience adds to Dr. Gregory’s able scholarship.  I highly commend this program to all.”                                                               

Rev. Dr. Lawrence E. Aker III, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY 

“The Proclaimers Place experience for the past three years has helped to revive and maintain the passion of exegetical preaching.”                

Rev. Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr., New Mt. Moriah Community Church, Raleigh, NC 

“Of the preaching conferences I have attended over the years and benefited from, I can honestly say that this has been the most beneficial.  It has renewed my passion for preaching and ministry.”

Rev. Dr. David Blagg, Greens Creek Baptist Church, Dublin, TX 

“This seminar is a must for anyone who wants to communicate the gospel with greater effectiveness and integrity.” 

Rev. Dr. Vanable H. Moody, II, The Worship Center Christian Church, Birmingham, AL 

“This seminar has given me the ability to skillfully impact the word of God.” 

Rev. Dr. J.C. Wade, Jr., Zion Missionary Baptist Church, E. Chicago, IN 

“This has been one of the greatest weeks of my life!”

Rev. D. Cedric D. Britt, Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX 

“This seminar has been a rewarding and refreshing confirmation of the elements of powerful and great preaching.  Dr. Gregory is a wonderful, God called and inspiring preacher instructor.  I will never be the same.”                

Rev. Dr. Raymond McDonald II, St. John Baptist Church, Gary, IN 

“Attending Dr. Gregory’s seminar has allowed me to recommit myself to the opportunity of preaching.  Proclaimers Place has been one of the greatest impacts on my preaching ministry.” 

Rev. Dr. Clive Neil, Bedford Central Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY

“All preachers, young and old, in age or ministry will be blessed to no end by what happens in these classes.  Dr. Gregory touched each preacher, on their own level of preaching and leaving you wanting to come back.” 

Rev. Dr. Willie J. Carter, Kent Baptist Church, Landover, MD 

“Proclaimers Place is my favorite week of the year!  It is like water to a thirsty man.  The principles taught here have improved my preaching ministry immensely.”

Rev. Dr. Greg Bowers, First Baptist Church, Blytheville, AR  

“This time of study with Joel Gregory has served as a strengthening and refreshing experience for my preaching and pastoral ministry.  I am overjoyed that AI made the decision to attend this seminar at Oxford.  I thank God and Brother Gregory for this period of fellowship and instruction.”

Rev. Dr. C. S. Gordon, New Zion Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA 

“This seminar for me has been a wonderful week of studies which has caused me to look again at the method that I use to communicate and articulate the Word to the people God has entrusted to my charge.” 

Rev. Dr. Errol A. Redwell, Sr., Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL 

“This was the first time attending Proclaimers Place.  I have found a new energy for continuing ministry.  My eyes filled with tears on the first day as you opened fresh areas into God’s Word.  I was invited by another pastor who I believe was lead by God to offer me this opportunity.  It is my desire and plan to return next year and in the future.  Thank you for your obedience to the call.” 

Rev. Dr. Kenneth White, Linconia Tabernacle Christian Church, Trevose, PA


“The value of preaching with integrity has increased my desire to do it with passion and vigor.  This is a blessed opportunity for spiritual enrichment and fellowship.”               

Rev. Dr. W.L.D. Campbell, Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX 

“This is my second year of studies at Oxford with Dr. Gregory and I have found my time with him to be more enlightening than the first.  This study has again added more depth personal and private.  I recommend Proclaimers Place to every preacher who is serious about preaching on a cutting edge level to cultivate strong Christians and strong churches.” 

Rev. Dr. Henry Ivory, Church on the Move, Dallas, TX   

“This experience has been rich in content, practical in concepts and deep in devotion.” 

Rev. Dr. Keith W. Reed, Sr., Sharon Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA


"The Proclaimers Place epitomizes the apex of exegetical and homiletical prowess.  Dr. Joel C. Gregory's gifts and keen insights are immeasurable.  Joel is a peerless facilitator and homiletician.  I highly recommend the Proclaimers Place."

Rev. Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church, Decatur, GA

"Proclaimers Place was the best investment of time, energy and money that I have ever made in terms of ministry development."

Rev. Dr. K. Edward Copeland, New Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Rockford, IL

"Dr. Gregory, the Proclaimers Place program has been a positive, productive, and profound experience.  I am grateful and thankful to you for allowing me to be a participant.  God bless."

Rev. Dr. Alan Patterson, The Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX

 "Proclaimers Place has provided for me in one week more than I received in semesters of toil in seminary homiletics classes.  This week has been a much needed time of renewal and rejuvenation.  I feel rescued from the spiritual blight and isolation of the Pacific Northwest and have been dropped, for a moment, into a place of refreshment.  Thanks be to God for Dr. Gregory and how the Holy Spirit uses him to build up other instruments within God's Kingdom."

Rev. Dr. Leslie D. Braxton, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, Renton, WA

"Dr. Gregory is among the best homileticians and preachers.  Seldom he mentions his epic pastoral journey, but frequently his measured words exude exegetical insight, pulpit gifts and pastoral wisdom that qualified him to continue his epic journey to proclaim the Gospel."             

                                              Rev. Dr. Joseph N. Evans, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Washington DC

"This time with you and God's Word has been of priceless value to my personal spiritual growth.  I am inspired to a greater commitment to the study of God's Word and energized to proclaim the gospel with new enthusiasm."

 Rev. Dr. Harvey Clemons, Jr.,  Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Houston, TX

"This seminar opened the riches and techniques of a different Christian tradition to me.  The concept of "movement" consisting of exegesis, lived experience and application provide a most useful diagnosis or pattern for sermon preparation.  Also the opportunity to trade notes with other ministers was particularly valuable.  Thank you."

The Very Reverend William A. Crary, Jr., St. Laurence Episcopal Church, Southlake, TX

"Through the Proclaimers Place, Oxford seminar, Dr. Joel Gregory has become the iron to sharpen my iron.  Dr. Gregory's strong impact upon my personal preparation and preaching is forever engraved upon my calling and any small contribution I will make in the Kingdom.  My eyes now see what my heart has never seen before."

Rev. Dr. Manson B. Johnson, Holman Street Baptist Church, Houston, TX

photo-002 "Proclaimers Place, Oxford 2007 was a wonderful time of reflection, respite and rigorous consideration of biblical texts from the perspective of a biblical proclaimer, under the insightful guidance of Dr. Joel Gregory, a proclaimer par excellent.  Through the collective discussions, doors were opened into the study and "preaching mind" of Dr. Gregory, allowing me the opportunity to walk into his study and mind for the benefit of my own proclaiming life."            

                                               Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Parker, Jr., David Chapel Baptist Church, Austin,TX

"Proclaimers Place broadens and deepens an understanding of how to get out of a text of scripture what God meant to say.  The participants embrace a thoughtful approach to scripture that safeguards imposing ideas on the context and content."

Rev. Dr. Ron Shepard, Puget Sound Baptist Association, Federal Way, WA

"The experience of Proclaimers Place has changed my life and ministry forever."

Rev. Dr. Ferdinand Gaines, First Community Antioch Church, Lutcher, LA

"My life as a proclaimer will never be the same.  Gathering around the table with Dr. Joel Gregory and the Word of God will change my proclaiming the Word forever."

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, Handley Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

"To spend time with Dr. Joel Gregory in "The Proclaimers Place" is to spend the most intense hours of biblical study and exposition I have ever encountered.  Words can never explain the transformation of my sermon preparation that has resulted from these four days.  The wisdom and the scholarship is unmatched by anyone, anywhere."

Rev. Dr. Bobby Bridges, Mayfield Road Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

"The Proclaimers Place seminar has reinforced and courageously contended for the need and urgency of biblical preaching in the life of the church and kingdom of God."

Rev. Dr. Eric Johnson, Galilee Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

"Proclaimers Place provided a relaxed, informal atmosphere while we explored the bible's historical and culture settings that surround the Word.  We received provocative and insightful tools to further our pastoral exegesis of our frame of reference."

Rev. Dr. Reggie Johnson, Grace Temple Baptist Church, Lawnside, NJ

"I found Proclaimers Place to be a God-sent and a course that any and every preacher or pastor that is serious about their preaching ministry should invest in." 

Rev. Dr. Emanuel Lee Lambert, Alpha Baptist Church, New Castle, DE

"Proclaimers Place gave me the spark I needed, after 42 years of preaching, to bring fresh pertinent biblical messages to my flock at First Baptist Church.  I know they are happy that I attended and received a blessing.  I recommend these conferences to all pastors." 

Rev. Dr. Larry Blackmon, First Baptist Church, Hearne, TX

"Proclaimers Place gave me a hands-on approach to preaching, reading and applying exegetically a cut above the rest that has impacted my preaching experience."

Rev. Dr. Steve S. Marcus, Lake Galilee Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH

"After sitting in such a spiritually driven teaching environment, led by Dr. Gregory, this is by far the most enriching time of my ministry.  What I have learned in these four days is priceless!"

Rev. Dr. Raymond Terrell , Good Hope Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN

"This experience has been edifying.  I have longed to have this personal training in regards to sermon preparation that I received from Dr. Joel Gregory.  My ministry has been enriched haven taken this seminar."

Rev. Dr. Darrick Briscoe, St. John Missionary Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

ky-pp-july"My experience this week during Proclaimers Place has served to not only enlighten and encourage, but to motivate, convict and rekindle a preaching fervor.  I can here to learn to better prepare the preacher for preaching, and that is and has been accomplished beyond my expectations.  I cannot wait to get back to my place of study to apply what has been taught and hopefully learned.  I am looking forward to returning next year.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

Rev. Dr. John Carroll Travis, Maddoxtown Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

"The sermon examples on DVD were very helpful.  Structure of sermons and working through exegesis will transform the way I preach.  The class re-energized me for preaching.  Small group structure was helpful.  I took a lot from our discussions."

The Very Reverend Ryan Reed, St. Vincent Cathedral, Bedford, TX

"The content and interaction of a small group of preachers was wonderful.  It has inspired me to seek the fellowship of other preachers in the examination of the text and in sermon preparation."

Rev. Dr. Keith Sanders , First Baptist Church, Keller, TX

"This four day experience has been like a breath of fresh air into my life and ministry.  This experience has reconfirmed my call as a preacher of the gospel.  I am grateful to God and thankful to Dr. Joel Gregory for his faithfulness to God!"

Rev. Dr. John P. Morgan, Dallas, TX

"The course has served as an awesome tool of sharpening on skills in the area of preaching.  Dr. Gregory exposes us to some of the master exegesis that gives us a broader approach to studying the scriptures.  I wish the class had lasted longer.  I was so blessed!"

Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, New Beginnings Fellowship Church, Fishers, IN

"These four days have both challenged and inspired me to pursue preaching with a renewed sense of passion and commitment.  Your insight, experience and wisdom have given me practical tools to use as I try to understand God's word and make it clear to all who will listen.  Thank you."

Rev. Dr. Eric L. Wiggins, New Horizons Church, Indianapolis, IN

"This conference has changed my paradigm as to what entails effective sermon construction and delivery.  I now have greater skill in extracting the timeless truths of God's Word and communicating these in the pulpit in a way they will be heard."

Rev. Dr. Steve Crawley, Greenbrier, AR

"This class has challenged me to dig deeper and go higher in sermon research, sermon preparation and sermon delivery.  I would recommend this preaching proclamation class by Dr. Joel Gregory to any serious minded student of preaching."

Rev. Dr. Billy R. Hollins, St. Stephen Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

md-pp-2 "Proclaimers Place, advancing the cause of biblical preaching has been GREAT!  I've earned so much over the past four days because of you taking the time to share with us some of your knowledge has been most rewarding.  Because of what God has allowed you to do for us, we are better equipped to convey God's Word." 

Rev. Dr. Winfred Harris, New Calvary Christian Center, Upper Marlboro, MD

"This training brings heightened awareness to the art and craft of biblical preaching.  One would never imagine that three days could enhance a lifetime of work.  What are even more significant are the struggles that many of us go through daily because we don't get exposed to such training.  I, and those I am called to serve will eternally benefit." 

Rev. Dr. Larry Paige , Oasis Church, Lanham, MD

"After over 20 years of preaching, I am forever grateful for this class.  I am well pleased and will tell everyone about this.  I look forward to the advance session.  I will encourage all my ministers to take time whenever they hear of Proclaimers Place - wonderful conference."

Rev. Dr. Willie J. Carter, Kent Baptist Church, Landover, MD

"This has been the most helpful preacher's conference I have ever attended.  Without question.  You addressed things I have been concerned about for years.  You made it very practical.  I appreciate your honesty and integrity.  I am going away from this time a much better preacher and better equipped to do what I do.  I would attend again." 

Rev. Dr. Herman Washington, Shiloh Baptist Church, Rockville Centre, NY

"Proclaimers Place has allowed me the opportunity to slow down and take a productive approach to preaching preparation and study.  Proclaimers Place has shown me different styles and ways to read God's Word with clarity and comprehension." 

Rev. Dr. Victor Kirk, Sharon Bible Fellowship Church, Lanham, MD

"This has been one of the most rewarding and freeing workshops I have been a part of in years.  Truly a God-send!!  Thanks for your simple, down to earth approach to the Word of God."

Rev. Dr. Larry Benford, Living Word Fellowship, Greenville, MD

"Proclaimers Place has been a most invaluable experience.  The skills transfer in exegeting the texts of scripture were most helpful, but I think the most priceless piece of the experience was that Dr. Gregory shared his insights as a proclaiming practitioner.  This was even more valuable than his great academic knowledge.  Finally, the ability to stop and ask a question was the thing, which makes the experience well worth the cost.  Proclaimers Place renewed my sense of the sheer joy of biblical interpretation and the adventure presenting a relevant, authentically biblical word from the pulpit." 

Rev. Dr. Sidney Bowers, Jr., Encouragement Ministries Bible Church, Milwaukee, WI

cimg0297"Proclaimers Place has helped me to focus and renew my commitment to telling the gospel message with power and truth that I may impact the lives of people.  Also understand that time spent in the Word cannot be replaced!" 

Rev. Dr. Anthony D. Burns, Jericho Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI

"Proclaimers Place has served as a refresher and resurgent of homiletical awakening for relevant and real preaching.  My thanks to Dr. Joel Gregory." 

Rev. Dr. Louis B. Jones II , Pilgrim Baptist Church, Washington DC

"Proclaimers Place draws a poignant focus to the sensitivity, style and vocation of prepared preachers in a world where chaos is the norm.  The artisan teacher conveys with craft, clarity and cogent sensitivity the value of proper exegetical, hermeneutics and homiletic tools, which are the foundation of biblical proclamation.  I desire to rehearse this experience again and again." 

Rev. Dr. Winston Rudolph, Abyssinian Baptist Church, Pompano Beach, FL

"Dr. Joel Gregory's Proclaimers Place is the most incredible seminar on preaching that I have attended.  I have been tremendously blessed and inspired by Dr. Gregory's excellent instruction on the sacred art of Christian preaching."

Rev. Dr. Daniel C. Shull, First Baptist Church, Campbellsville, KY

"Direction, young child born one of eight children loses his twin sister at 11 months old, seems he has no direction.  Doesn't walk until five years old, high school drop out, seems he has no direction.  Proclaimers Place has given me new direction in preparation, presentation and proclamation." 

Rev. Dr. Chester A. Palmer, Bethany Missionary Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

"I have learned so much in four days.  I will apply what I have learned in my daily walk with Christ and be ready to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you and God bless you."

Rev. Dr. Tony L. Weathers, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Cynthiana, KY

"Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the summer program at Regent's Park College.  I enjoyed being able to study in this historic setting and see all of the famous sites.  The class was very helpful and I look forward to next year." 

Rev. Dr. Denny D. Davis, St. John Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, TX

"Studying for four days at Oxford under Dr. Joel Gregory was the shot in the arm my preaching needed to revive my enthusiasm, both in the preparation and delivery.  Like a near-drowning victim, I have been brought back to life for a season longer to proclaim the Word of God." 

Rev. Dr. James H. Cokley, Cherry Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Conway, SC

"Proclaimers Place 2006 showed me how much work I had to put in to be a great preacher, provided the tools and processes to help me be a great preacher, pointed me to the resources to be a great preacher, and showed me my shortcomings in preaching."  

Rev. Dr. Link Howard, Faith Christian Community Church, Port Huron, MI

"This seminar came at a very strategic time for me.  I just needed a refresher and a new inspiration for the remainder of my ministry pilgrimage.  You have really been the instrument of God's blessing for my life.  This study time has met a deep need in my life and has served to remind me of the importance of my calling.  God bless you and thank you for being available." 

Rev. Dr. Herb Pedersen, Long Branch Community Baptist Church, Midlothian, TX

"A life-changing experience for the pastor's position.  Enlightening insights and advanced classes showing the "how to's" that are invaluable for the modern-day pulpiteers.  Every minister and preacher should be exposed to this program." 

Rev. Dr. Willie Jones, New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX

"Proclaimers Place, Oxford, has been a remarkable time of refreshing, resourceful, and rewarding reflection and retooling in the areas of biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, and homiletics.  Thank you, Dr. Gregory, for the insightful, inspiring journey at Proclaimers Place."

Rev. Dr. Leonard O. Leach, Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, Garland, TX

"This has truly been an enriching experience.  It has helped me to see the need of someone pouring into my life to help stretch me.  It was great to hear you comment on ‘the comment'.  I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in which the class was taught."

Rev. Dr. Michael A. Jolla, St. John Missionary Baptist Church, Greenville, TX

"This week of studies for biblical preaching has already brought forth a breath of new revival in my sermon preparation, thus giving me the knowledge to preach more effectively for His name's sake.  Bless you, Dr. Gregory." 

Rev. Dr. Vernon J. Garza, Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Victoria, TX

"Proclaimers Place exceeded my expectations.  It has challenged me in the area of both the research side and preparation of my actual messages.  I was awakened to my need to be more focused and concise in my preaching.  I also have more hope that I can not only survive the reading of high critical exegetical commentary, but actually extract something meaningful, insightful and helpful from it as well.  Any preacher who regularly communicates biblical truth owes it to him/herself and listeners to invest the time and money to take this course."

Rev. Dr. Keith A. Battle , Zion Church, Largo, MD

"Proclaimers Place has given me a great appreciation for the art and labor of preaching.  Dr. Gregory's understanding of what is required in the crafting of a competent sermon is phenomenal."

Sis. Vicki Y. Battle, Zion Church, Largo, MD

oxford-1-class"This seminar has greatly contributed toward the sharpening my exegetical and expository skills in relation to organizing and developing sermons that make most effective use of metaphor and illustration to communicate biblical truth.  Furthermore, it has connected me to a once broader use of resources that can supplement and strengthen my preaching and planning of sermon series.  It was my first time in England and in Dr. Gregory's seminar.  The learning was definitely empowering and I know that my preaching preparation will never be quite the same again. Dr. Gregory is a walking encyclopedia of homiletical and exegetical expertise.  The ease with which he sights history, theology, and preaching sources is nothing short of incredible.  The experience definitely exceeded my expectations...I would love to go again." 

Rev. Dr. Brian J. Wells, Second Baptist Church, Asbury Park, NJ

"It is my signal honor to recommend Proclaimers Place as a transformational preaching experience.  The vibrancy and vitality of Dr. Gregory's intellect and experience reflect his depth of thought and sincerity.  Preaching and exegesis come alive to lift each attendee to deeper levels of application.  I am sure my preaching and teaching has been raised to a new level.  My people have told me they have appreciated my time with Dr. Gregory." 

Rev. Dr. Kent O. Johnson, New Season Ministry, Fairborn, OH

"I've been coming to Proclaimers Place since its inception and can honestly affirm that this experience has redeemed my preaching from shallowness and redundancy.  The skills that Dr. Gregory has imported to me are incalculable.  Not only am I a better preacher, I am a better servant of God because of the experience of sharing sweet fellowship with beloved brothers in Christ."

Rev. Dr. Greg Bowers, First Baptist Church, Blytheville, AR

"This has been the most enlighten time of my life.  The teaching was rich and powerful.  This seminar has opened up new areas of ministry for me.  I wait the time when we gather again!  "Because I want to."

Rev. Dr. Gregory Capers, Paterson Assembly of God, Paterson, NJ

"My week at Proclaimers Place has reminded me of things I haven't considered since my seminary days.  I have been challenged to go deeper, linger longer and proclaim God's word more powerfully.  I want to go home and pay the price to be a more effective preacher.  Dr. Gregory's gracious teaching style combined with truths refined in the fire of many years of teaching and preaching confirm that this is the best investment of study conference time I have ever taken."

Rev. Dr. David G. Holder, First Baptist Church, Sulphur, LA

"Let me take this time to say to Dr. Joel Gregory thank you for the help as well as investment that you have made in my ministry through Proclaimers Place.  Any preacher, pastor, teacher can not help but say, if they attend Proclaimers Place, there life has been changed.  Truly my life has been changed for the better because of the teaching I have received from Oxford through Dr. Gregory.  I encourage anyone in ministry to try to attend.  In am, in the words of Paul "a new creature in Christ Jesus." 

Rev. Dr. Michael H. Baker, Greater St. Luke Baptist Church, Columbia, SC

"This Proclaimers Place seminar in Oxford, England has been culturally rich and academically superior and profitable.  The benefit of exposure to commentator resources as well as biblical authors has been priceless.  I cannot imagine a place where the combination of the above, coupled with the fellowship of like-minded brethren can or has been accomplished with better synergy.  I highly encourage any and all who are serious about the craft of biblical exegesis and expository preaching to invest the resources to find themselves present at the very next occasion."

Rev. Dr. Bucas Sterling III, Kettering Baptist Church, Upper Marlboro, MD

"This is my second year attending the Proclaimers Place at Oxford.  This experience has meant much to me.  It has been, at best three things for me; a time of refuge, reformation and resource of many dimensions.  To be in Oxford is a major break in my schedule.  To be free from the duty of the phone and computer has been priceless for the last two years.  To just be able to look at passages without interruptions has made a difference in my comprehension of the Holy Scripture.  To be in class with the quality of an instructor like Joel Gregory is priceless.  The wealth of tools suggested, techniques to try and the thoughts of Dr. Gregory have changed my outlook on approaching the passage.  Finally, the resource of fellowship with the professor and the peers in class make for reinforcement to stick to the truth.  These peers from all over the United Sates serve as accountability stewards wherever my feet shall land.  I honestly will say if every asked what attributes to my achievements in life, I have to put at the top of the list my experience to sit in Proclaimers Place in Oxford for four days.  I endorse Proclaimers Place wholeheartedly." 

Rev. T. O. "Brian" Berry, Greater True Light Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX

"Proclaimers Place 2007 (Oxford England) has been an extremely rich experience for me.  It is a new experience for me at this time in my life and ministry to have the opportunity to gather with brothers in the ministry anywhere.  Just to be among some fine, hardworking brothers who pastor across America in varied churches as I do and study preaching has helped to sharpen "my iron".  Greater still, the mind, the heart, the discipline of knowledge, wisdom and insight of Dr. Joel Gregory goes beyond words for me.  He is a pulpiteer beyond description that is shaping ministries and ministers throughout the world and even more so, the black church in America.  Thank God for Dr. E.K. Bailey.  Thank God for Dr. Joel Gregory.  Thank God for Proclaimers Place which is making the Kingdom of God more sure IN the world today."

Rev. Dr. Melvin J. Woodard III , New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN

"I am EXCITED about Proclaimers Place, Oxford 2007!  This has been an exciting time of rest, reflection, renewal and review of homelitical methodology.  I have been inspired and challenged to prepare sermons that are faithful to the text.  I highly recommend this conference to those who are interested in an intensive study of sermon preparation and presentation."

Rev. Dr. Julius L. Jackson, Jr., Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

"I am grateful for Dr. Joel Gregory and the Proclaimers Place meeting.  This is truly a life and ministry changing experience.  Finally we have a conference that releases you back to your ministry and pastorate as a more effective and accurate exegesis of scripture, empowered with passion and knowledge to research, build and deliver a sound doctrine message.  This is one of the greatest investments any preacher can make in his/her own ministry."

Rev. Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr., New Mt. Moriah United Holy Church, Farmville, NC

Dr. Gregory so freely pours of himself whilst there with him at Proclaimers Place and he does so as he invests in the lives of those that are blessed to have been a part of this Oxford experience...so much so that the gifting of the preaching event is heightened; simply attributed to the time spent with this erudite: which comes in the person of Dr. Gregory! Thanks for the deposit sir...it shall be forever cherished!  

Rev. Dr. M.E. Lyons, Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX


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