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God’s global church is growing, and so is the need for faithful leaders who can teach the Bible in a meaningful and effective way. That’s why Gregory Ministries exists – to equip a new generation of pastors and church leaders with exegetical training and resources to provide them with a solid biblical foundation for preaching God’s Word.

As you engage with Gregory Ministries, you’ll receive free teaching resources and ongoing encouragement to help you grow personally as a Spirit-filled shepherd empowered to pour into others through teaching.

Whether it’s through our online or print resources, or by attending one of our four-day Proclaimer’s Place seminars, you’ll be encouraged and uplifted in your walk with Christ and in your ministry.

Gregory Ministries was founded by Dr. Joel C. Gregory, a long-time minister and seasoned preacher who holds the George W. Truett Endowed Chair in Preaching and Evangelism at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University. He has spoken or taught in churches and seminaries around the world and served as the lead editor and author of Baptist Preaching: A Global Anthology.

For many years Joel preached on the International Baptist Hour radio program, heard on more than 500 stations globally. He brought the annual sermon at the critical 1988 Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio, “The Castle and the Wall,” widely considered a watermark message in recent Baptist history. And he was recently recognized by Baylor and his peers for his 50th preaching anniversary.

Joel and his wife, Joanne, are the proud parents of four adult children.

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